To create and raise awareness around just and sustainable food. That is our mission. When you open a jar from Food For Thought you can be assured that we have done our best to bring you products that make a difference in the quality of life on this planet. Think About It.™

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    Create Your Own Food For Thought Gift – 12 Items

    Choose twelve of your favorite Food For Thought flavors and build your own organic gift!

    $100.00 Buy Online at Traverse Gourmet
  • FFT Olive Oil

    Palestinian Fair Trade Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

    This Palestinian Fair Trade olive oil is FRUITY, FLAVORFUL, AROMATIC WITH A LINGERING PEPPERY FINISH. It’s high quality, hand picked, and pressed within hours of harvest.

    Extra Virgin olive oil is best used raw as a dip, used in dressings and will enhance and carry the flavor in both sweet and savory dishes. We like it over hot pasta or vegetables, drizzled over salad or in any sauce, hot or cold…

    $20.00 Order Online from Traverse Gourmet
  • FFT Shirts 26

    Food For Thought Active Shirts

    Made from 100% polyester, these very lightweight wicking tech shirts are comfortable for everyday wear or wide range of athletic endeavors. We originally purchased them for our staff for those hot summer days in our production room, but they’ve become so popular that we’re making them available to our customers. (It has also become Timothy’s go-to work out shirt for all his local and global running efforts.)
    Available in long ($30) and short sleeve ($28) and many sizes, available for purchase at Traverse Gourmet!

    $30.00 Buy Online at Traverse Gourmet

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