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Where the Film “Farmland” Falls Short: Family-Owned Farms Don’t Grow Much Food

By: Timothy Fitzgerald Young In the past decade films like Food Inc., Supersize Me, and King Corn have blown the lid wide open on an industry known to be as secretive as the military industrial complex. These documentaries have contributed to a shift in consumer orientation towards food and, most importantly, these films have changed […]

Why Trademark (Brand) Matters: Food For Thought vs Huffington Post/Chipotle Mexican Grill

By: Timothy Fitzgerald Young    Trademark law is little bit like tax law; few understand it and there is an industry of accountants, government employees and attorneys dedicated to interpreting, litigating, and resolving conflicts.  For small and large business owners alike, trademarks are one of the most valuable tools one can utilize to protect a […]

A David vs. Goliath Tale of Trademark infringement: Did Huffington Post and Chipotle Deliberately Use A Trademarked Name?

Corporate giants Huffington Post, owned by AOL, and food chain Chipotle Mexican Grill have collaborated on a new blog about food named Food for Thought.  A small eighteen-year-old food company in Northern Michigan, however, trademarked the name Food for Thought years ago, and has been writing a blog about food for some time.  Is this […]