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Welcome to the Food for Thought® Blog.

My intention is to present helpful information about a variety of topics: from Green Living, Cooking, Organic Food, Sustainable Agriculture, along with the policy and politics that these categories bring to the public eye. You may even find a few postings that touch upon some of life’s philosophical questions!  Feel free to suggest topics or add comments (I take offense to nothing). As always I’m open to ideas. Enjoy!

Pesticide Residue in Fruits and Vegetables

Below is a table of 43 fruits and vegetables that were tested by the Environmental Working Group for pesticide residue. The foods are ranked from worst to best (descending) and the chart will tell you what percentage of that particular fruit/vegetable had pesticides on it and how many pesticides could be detected on each fruit/vegetable. […]

Cardboard Composting

Cardboard Composting

Compost happens. That’s the beauty of the wonderful way nature disposes of its dead, be it leaf, animal, the old oak tree in your front yard or you and I. It’s the best model for “zero waste” disposal, period. In nature, nothing goes to waste. It’s a perfect circle of life. The death of a […]

Going Organic on a Budget

Going Organic on a Budget

I often hear friends say “I’d like to eat organic, but it’s just too expensive.” Well, if you are reading this I doubt I have to tell you of the dangers of the pesticides, herbicides and fungicides sprayed on our foods. And you may also know that the jury is now in on the fact […]

Green Cuisine Interview

To learn more about Green Cuisine, listen to this interview with Timothy Young on the Mary In The Morning Program. Timothy talks about the philosophy of Green Cuisine, local food and the local food economy as well as sustainability and zero waste events. Green Cuisine attracted close to 1000 people who spent an evening on […]

Cooking with Kids

Cooking With Kids

As a home schooling parent, cooking with my kids and their friends has been of interest to me. Combining some fun with raising their awareness around the issues of sustainable food and social justice has been the goal. My first foray was to take my daughter Stella to Chiapas Mexico last winter to visit Zapatista […]